Thursday, June 5, 2014

Visit to the Farm

To finish up our farm theme, we took a class trip 
to a local dairy farm.
The children learned about caring for cows and calves 
and were shown where milk comes from.
We met a lot of cows, heifers, calves, some sweet little kittens, 
a dog, and some friendly bulls.

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Huizinga for being our hosts! 
Before we went back to school we were treated to some ice cream and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies...
Yum Yum!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

If You Bring a Dog to School. . .

We had a class visitor today and it was a SURPRISE!!!
(Well. . . Mrs. Schenk knew who was coming. . . but the kids didn't.)

Meet "Cheetah"!

Mrs. Winter came to school today with her lovely dog Cheetah! 
We learned a lot about her dog and about dog safety.

Cheetah is a protection, tracking and obedience dog. . . and WOW! 
She only does what she is told when she is told to do it. 
Can you believe that she never barks?!? 
(Unless of course she's told to.)


 Last week, we visited a dairy farm and we talked about being afraid of animals. 
Some of us expressed the fact that we were a little nervous about being around dogs.
Today we discovered that Mrs. Winter's dog Cheetah is a very gentle dog. 

Mrs. Winter taught us that it is very important to ask for permission before petting someone's dog. 
We practised today with some role-playing.

"May I please pet your dog?"

After learning about dog safety, we went outside 
so that Mrs. Winter could demonstrate some of the 
commands that Cheetah follows, such as wait, 
stay, heel. . . (She's a very smart dog!)
We threw a toy for her to fetch and retrieve and she brought it right back!

After she was done all those tricks she needed a rest, some water, and a delicious dog treat.
Some of us even fed her a treat. . . She licked the treat right out of our hands!!!

 A few of us wanted to hold the leash on the way back in to the school, so we took turns and held on tight!

It was plain to see from the smiles on the faces and the giggles all around, that everyone was able to conquer their fears and enjoy the time with Cheetah.

A big Thank You to Mrs. Winter for bringing Cheetah to JK!!!

If you bring a dog to school. . .
. . . she'll make some new friends!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Centres and Our Spring Walk

What are we up to this week?
A new activity : A letter maze!

Number writing:
Find this book HERE.

Cutting, sorting, and pasting:
Picture Sorting can be found HERE.

Hunting for letters:
Search & Highlight is found HERE.

We went on our spring walk at the conservation area
and while we were there we found a lot of things that were on our
Spring Scavenger Hunt list!

The park workers were busy cleaning up
dead branches along the trail and just before
we went home we watched them cut down a tree:

It was quite the show! :)