Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Christian Education Week

Christian Education week has arrived at our school, so there are a variety of exciting activities happening. 
Wednesday is our Grandparents and Friends day (in the morning) and parent open house (in the afternoon), so we are looking forward to having some special friends come in to our classroom for a visit!

We will also be performing our whole-school production entitled, "The Race". 
Our class has been diligently practicing our songs and gearing up for the Wednesday morning and Thursday evening shows.
It is going to be great, so come on out and enjoy the show!

In between all the practicing, visitors, Easter activities and fun time with our friends this week, we are also busy with a few literacy centres to help us review some of our letters.

Making words with letter tiles

Searching for and highlighting our
latest Jolly Phonics letters

You can find this activity HERE!

Tracing, Stamping and Decorating our letters!


Each week we focus on a special book, and this week it is,
"Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms".
It's a sweet little story and it was our inspiration for our latest art work!

This was the motivation for our latest
Art Masterpieces!

We made our own springtime blossoms!

Painting blossoms in white and several
shades of PINK! :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy April!

Spring has sprung in JK! This week we decorated our Art Gallery with Spring pictures and raindrops!
The children made wax crayon pictures of "spring things" and then we did a paint wash over the raindrops to make them blue.

The snow is melting outside and the air is slowly warming, so we went outside to hunt for signs of Spring. We found lots of puddles, mud, brown grass, buds in trees and birds chirping.
We talked about the order of the seasons and how God makes them follow one after the other. Today we traced the season words and coloured some seasonal pictures.

Here are our new math centres:

Pattern Block numbers

Finishing Patterns AB, AAB, ABB, ABC

find this activity in HERE

Playing a "Race to the Top" Dice/Charting Game

Guess who won!? :)
Some of these activities are found in my
  Spring Literacy and Math pack.

Hope you're all getting outside to enjoy the warming weather!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our One Day Week

With PD days and snow days, it's been a wonky month!
We only had one school day this week, 
so we tried to pack in as much fun as we could.
Here's a few pics from our day!
Centre time with our friends is always a highlight. . . 

We enjoyed our first exciting and TIRING game of 
indoor soccer. . . JK style. . .very fun mayhem!

We finished off a couple Valentine activities this week. 
This one is a simple "love-bird" adding activity. 
They cut out the extra birds, count the birds on the branches and then add birds so that the picture matches the number.
They love to show me they can count them!

I love the owl hanging upside down on this one! :)

We played some letter games, including our name sorting game.
Only one special someone has a "Vv" in their name!

Next week...the letter "Ff". . .

JK Marching Band

In need of an uplifting moment? 
Winter blues getting you down?!? 
Check out these JK multi-taskers!
Playing their instruments (many were home-made), singing their ABC's and marching it up!
Have a happy day!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Olympic Spirit Day

We are getting into the Olympic spirit in JK!
 Today we dressed in our Canadian red and white colours and we made a special message for the Canadian Olympians!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day!

It's our second snow day of the year. . . and it's a doozy!
25 cm and counting. . .

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
Here's just a sneak-peak of what we've been busy with in JK the past several days.
Our January Self-Portraits:
Letter Games
Our latest paintings! 
Our Snowman Book

Play-dough letters

Practising our letters. . . we love dry-erase markers!
 We began working on our Valentine's Day centres:
Count and Clip 

Cupcake, Bear, Cupcake, Bear, Cupcake. . .

Interesting in checking our the Valentine's activities? 
You can find them HERE!
We'll be doing more in the next week...stay tuned!